Cinema Dog Theater

Our dog “ZZ” loves to watch movies.  She fits right in to our family.  We have always been lovers of the movies, and so most weekends we get the Twizzlers and fire up the new popcorn maker (no one is aloud to touch it except for Dad).  We say “CinemaDOG!” and she knows the drill.  She runs up the stairs and jumps up on her favorite chair in the front row, staring at the screen….and ACTION!

Ready for the Feature Presentation


I will be reviewing media that I feel either contribute greatly in conveying a message of Faith, Hope or Love, or are excellent at delineating good from evil.  Most everything I watch is with the intention of seeking first to understand something.  As my family knows, I hardly tolerate shows that are raunchy or violent just for the sake of entertainment. (Much to some of culture’s frustration).

As far as family entertainment, I longed for someone with a lens of faith to examine and recommend good media for my family to enjoy together. So whether or not you agree with my summaries, perspectives or outcomes, I hope you feel free to share these with any family looking for media with a purpose to form better consciences.


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