About me

I am a wife, a mom of three (2 boys and 1 girl) and a strong believer of the Catholic Faith.  My oldest son “found” the saint “Don Bosco” during a fifth grade saint report and was taken in! Don Bosco loved children and taught them to love Jesus by being an example of love and patience, even when faced with the worst behavior as he worked to save inner-city youth from their poor and depressed existence.  I named this blog after my attempts to run my “domestic church” (my home) with this attitude of love and patience.  Mostly I find that my kids are my catechists and teach me more about myself and my faith than anyone else.

I have been an “advanced certified” catechist of the Catholic faith, and a youth minister for junior and senior high, for a large parish. I have taught 6th and 7th grade religious education, and on many occasions lead women’s group study on the faith as well. During any given year, I will give faith formation talks for women’s groups about the living our Catholic faith. I also speak to youth groups on occasion, and still like to catch up with some of the youth from my old youth ministry days; several of which are now youth ministers or involved with youth ministry themselves! I have a BA in psychology, and work experience as a Vocational Counselor before finding my love of speaking and teaching the Catholic Faith. I am a work in progress and loving the journey, especially the moments spent in front of the Holy Eucharist, Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Jesus Christ; body, blood, soul and divinity (John 6:60-66.)

We are living in the Holy Spirit each moment of life and having “lenses of faith” to see his marvelous deeds is what it is all about.

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