Domestic Church Of Bosco

Prayer before the shrine of St. Terese

Early Devotion

Blogs are mind-boggling to me. I never saw myself starting one. But one day, while sitting on a couch having coffee and some good conversation with a friend of faith, I felt so inspired; like I could explode with inspiration. I told her I had so many ideas and no time or venue to release them all. She told me to write a book, and to call it “The Domestic Church of B….” (my oldest son’s name). You see, “Little Bosco” (we will call him) wants to be a priest. Why God has entrusted a scatter-brain like me with such a delicate little servant as L.B., I will never know. But as he enters his thirteenth year, my first child would not appreciate his chatty mom sharing his name with his life’s inspirations with the world. Therefore, I have started this small world to share ideas and thoughts, and hopefully inspirations, using my oldest son’s favorite saint’s name, Don Bosco (and many of his little namesake’s wisdom; which is beyond any tween I ever met). This blog is for everyone who wants to teach children about how to live their Catholic faith in this modern world. It is for anyone humble enough to learn faith from their children, as my three beautiful kids teach me each day. It is for anyone who needs a little giggle, and a big dose of inspiration and appreciation for the beauty of life and its little suprises. God loves to give us gifts! It is my time to thank Him for all he has done for me.

6 thoughts on “Domestic Church Of Bosco

  1. Congrats, Meg! It’s about time! So happy you’re finally sharing what you know with the world. You do have a gift for sharing (this sounds better than talking haha!!!)and I’m glad you’re using it in a new way. I’ll miss you more now though, reading all of this on your blog. Looking forward to your thoughts.


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