How to Increase Our Trust in Times of Desperation

A text popped up on my phone the other night, "Jesus, I trust in you." One of my bestie's pics popped up with her name. "Everything ok?" I texted back. The response was not surprising, that anxieties are mounting. Sometimes, all we can do is muster a short act of faith like one prayer St. … Continue reading How to Increase Our Trust in Times of Desperation


“Turn me inside out”…”This is the meaning of true love; to give until it hurts.” St Teresa of Calcutta.
Beautiful reflection.

Reflections from the Pew

Surely it is foolishness
That to be fulfilled
I must empty myself
That to be esteemed
I must humbly serve others
That to taste the nectar of freedom
I must be wholly obedient

So it is for those who are perishing
The wise see the Cross as folly
But believers see His saving power
So shred my worldly wisdom
Do not cast me aside
Turn me inside out
So to live in Your Truth

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