To Live Well

If I knew that I had only a few years left to live, I imagine that I would spend a great deal of that time making those years about who I am in the world. Doing my best to extend my health and my body, I might eat better and make more efforts to be balanced in the places I am out of balance now. I would perhaps try to travel to places I would like to see. I would certainly do what I could to make an impact on the world around me, helping others, contributing more and volunteering.

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If I knew that I only had a few weeks to live, I imagine I would make that time all about those I have known and loved in this lifetime. I would reach out, say goodbye and let people know how they impacted my life. I would thank people, forgive people, and do what I could do help those closest to me go on in life knowing they were loved.

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If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I imagine that I would make my last day mostly about God. I would be on my knees, worshiping Him with all I have, begging Him for mercy for all the places I neglected Him and others. I would give thanks to Him for the time He DID give me. I would spend many moments of that last day directing my thoughts, words and actions to Him or to others in a way that I knew pleased Him. I would only speak things that were really important. I certainly wouldn’t speak ill of anyone or anything or complain. I would hope that I let the littleness of annoyances and discomforts melt away to their proper place. I may use my WHOLE heart to pray intently and praise the Lord, without distraction.

The best thing we can do each day is to love the Lord like it is our last day, love those around us like it is our last few weeks, and take care of ourselves like we only have a few years left. I think if I can do that, I can be at peace with each passing day, despite what challenges and difficulties it may hold.

2 thoughts on “To Live Well

  1. This is Beautifully written and it’s all so true!! I’m turning 70 this coming week and I don’t know how many hours, days, weeks or years I have left, but I have always tried to live my life as your article suggests! I have always been a praying person. Sometimes I think God may get tired of listening to me, but I always know that He is there!! I’m far from perfect but I strive to make each day the best I can and hope that I have been of help to someone along the way!! I know I can do better, and that is my goal each and every day!!

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    • Oh ms Pam you made a huge difference in my life and you have many years left to love yourself beautiful family! Always an example of love to all!! Love you!


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