The Face of the Other

“The decision for good or evil begins with our eyes, when we choose whether or not to look at the face of the other…The other is the custodian of my own dignity…But we can only succeed in looking at others in a manner that respects their personal dignity if we experience how God looks at us in love…The drama of our times consists precisely in our incapacity to look at ourselves as God does–and that is why we find it threatening to look at the other and must protect ourselves from it.” –Pope Benedict XVI (then Cardinal Ratizinger) in Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures

3 thoughts on “The Face of the Other

    • I was sitting in a waiting room of a doctor’s office today and the bad news was blaring away. At the same time, I was reading a study document on communion and this quote was in there. It was like God acknowledging my hearts questions. I felt the quote was so powerful I didn’t need to say much else!

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