Your Role in the Play

From central casting agency. You have been cast in our upcoming production for the following role:

Immigrant.” This is a leading role and an essential character to the story.

Immigrant: role description and back story

You are journeying to a great destination that will provide you with freedom and peace. You are willing to do whatever it takes to reach this place of abundance. You leave behind the safety of your home, food supply and—what you have considered to be—“stability.” Your motivation is that you know the place you are heading has more goodness than anything you could find anywhere else.

You will experience hunger, thirst, fatigue, harsh weather conditions, illness, and separation from others. You will at times be treated unfairly and experience injustice by others along the way. You will be judged for your beliefs and cast out of some places based solely on the fact that you are an alien. But your final “home” will be one of welcome and you will be embraced by the residents there.

Visibility: You may only be seen by a few members of the audience or you may be part of a very large group of other pilgrims. Most likely, both circumstances will apply to your role.

Set and scenery:

The set of the production is dark. The aesthetic is necessary to convey the central message of the production which is trust.

Should you choose to accept this role, you should know that you will be given help from behind the scenes the entire production. You may not see the stagehands, but they will accompany you and move large props from being a hinderance. If you should fall or stumble on any props, you will quickly be assisted.


Additionally, there no limit to the amount of scenes of your performance. You could have your role cut early in the show, or linger as a player for many scenes, being expected to endure the length of your pilgrimage until you no longer are needed for the story line once your mission is complete. Your character is never expendable, so it’s crucial that you do not quit the show at anytime. Other characters’ roles and vitality depend on the support of your role.

The role of Immigrant has been played by many successful pilgrims in history. Playing this role is a privilege and long-standing honor in the timeline of the story. Taking the time to study these previous sojourners will offer strategies that you will do well to embrace.

We hope you join the show and look forward to your response. Please feel free to comment below with any questions.

Inspired by the beautiful responses of MissMiss in our prayer group last Thursday in reflection of this Sunday’s gospel. She had an image as all of us immigrating to our final place with God, enduring the struggles of this world with Him in mind. Her reflection on detachment required by all of us in this life is especially profound as she champions the battle of cancer.

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