Just Hang On

Less than a year ago we were in a state of loss and tragedy. There was a great deal of darkness in our lives on many levels.

We are still grieving the losses but light has finally entered in and the hope we desperately clung to has bloomed into a beautiful bouquet.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have crosses and losses but I want to tell anyone who is reading this and needs a tiny seed of hope that it will not fail you if you hang on and trust in God. He is faithful. I know this from my relationship with Him. He is a kind and gentle Father. He cares for His and He created all of us out of love.

I know the question of suffering is entering into your mind now. Suffering is not from God. He never intended for us to suffer. But our stubbornness and independence (like any child at some point) ends with His free will (like any loving parent.)

Love is sacrificial. True love always costs us something. It hurts when others hurt and it holds on to hope in trust.

Hang on today. There is more light about to break in. And if it’s very dark, then the greater the light will be.

Dear Heavenly Father; you made us yours, created us for love and for you to love. We give you whatever bit of hope we can muster. We trust in your faithfulness and ask for an increase in that trust. Stay close to us, Father. Send us the Holy Spirit, the great Consoler, to embrace us in our pain and remedy our wounds. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Photo by Ben Cheung on Pexels.com

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