Listen, Ponder, Trust

I was reading the story of Samuel and Hannah in today’s readings (1 Samuel 1:24-28 and 1 Sam 2:1-8 as our Psalm) and thinking about Hannah. She waited her whole life for a baby and was told she never would have one. God gave her one despite the non-believers that surrounded her. Once she has her miracle child, Samuel, we watch to see how she reacts. What was her first response? To dedicate and give him right back to God, to the extent of leaving Samuel with Eli in the temple.

I was then praying with Mary, Our Blessed Mother and reading the Magnificat in the gospel for today, Luke 1:46-56. We decided last week (as our spiritual team resolution) to pray with the first two lines of this scripture each day this week. It wasn’t a hard resolution to keep as these two lines from scripture stalked me everywhere I went this week.

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
my spirit rejoices in God my Savior

It’s a bittersweet season for many people. Cheers to those we lost this year and prayers for those suffering alone. The hope is for all who are prepare to receive a King of the most unfathomable nature and in the most remarkable way into our hearts. I think of Mary “in Bethlehem, at midnight, in the piercing cold.” These words from the St Andrew Christmas novena affect me so profoundly when prayed 15 times in a row as prescribed. “The piercing cold” reminds me of our sense of loss for those who couldn’t be with us this Christmas.

A beautiful nativity moment made by my brother-in-law, Tommy. One of my favorite “Josephs” in the world. Made from an Altoid tin. One of my treasures items I display every Christmas

As we approach this most holy moment in three days, with wind chills expected (even here in the south) at sub-zero temperatures, I will watch that young holy woman, her strong, silent protector Joseph, and the shepherds who traveled “in the piercing cold” to adore Christ. I will try to do as Mary and Hannah showed us in their Holy way to continue through the cold, dark moments in this life. Go to God in silence. Listen, ponder and trust.

4 thoughts on “Listen, Ponder, Trust

  1. Our Blessed Mother Mary is likely very appreciative when anyone gives a thought to Her discomfort when living in this world… She was/is more of a Co-Redemptrix intercesssor than most of us realize. I anticipate that many eyes will soon be opened to Her centuries of “service” and “ministry”, the terms Jesus employed to define the word “great.” Speaking of which, America will only be ‘great” when we are employing Jesus’ terms and criteria in and for the righteous stewardship of our God given lives, divine rights, and seven universal resources.

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