Gentle Heart


Beat assured, O gentle heart

A quiet rhythmic hum…

For the Creator’s resplendent intent for you

is a well-paced careful strum.

Even rocks sing out when He appears

the quiet whisper of ancient trees,

glittering leaves in cascades of sun;

falling drops of rain sparkle with steady ease.

All along in the back, the restless ones clatter and clack

distract and derail; they assert their attack

kneading doubt and darkness into our thoughts.

Leavening loneliness and despair,

but their efforts for naught,

for forward bursts mercy; unbinding the ties–

of the slippery serpent’s tempestuous lies.

For the Great I AM casts nets anew

His relentless pursuit for the missing ewe (you)

Remnants of the broken now fallen apart

Begin again with a steadfast art

and beat assured once again, O gentle heart.


For my sorrowful souls…M, M, M, C, and more…







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