Brother Francis presents The Kingdom!

The Kingdom: God’s Reign on Earth as it is in Heaven is one title in a line of colorful, musically animated adventures lead by the friendly “Brother Francis”. Brother Francis welcomes your children to stories and faith lessons in various settings, my favorite being his humble home with a crucifix set plainly in sight on the wall behind him.

You may notice a rocking chair near the window in his room, but don’t think things are going to get boring, as Brother is also about getting active! Whether toting his favorite basketball, setting up a soccer ball for a kick or knocking the puck into the net, Brother Francis (safely attired in recommended gear) will appeal to your young athletes as well.

Accompanied by his guitar, your little listeners will perk up to the catchy songs in this fun, yet reverent series that journies with Jesus through the scriptures, the teachings of the Catholic Faith, and what it all means for your young Christians.

Musical Brother Francis!

Mixed ‘Mation….

Brother Francis and his friends are 3D animated, engaging your viewers with a kind of embodiment of joy. This welcoming animation has a kid-friendly “Welcome to the Gang” kind of a feel.

Friends gather in the church!

Then various mixed animation methods help entone the content. In the episode “The Kingdom” for example, we open with an anime-esque story of brave Knights protecting their kingdom. The sharper character lines make the scene feel mildly more intense and therefore exciting.

Silly Brother Francis. He knows when to have fun!

When Brother Francis tells us to listen Jesus’s words, we hear them spoken by Jesus himself, more reverently depicted. We clearly get a sense that something important is happening with more realisticly drawn figures in a different color pallet. Even the voices of the characters during the gospel messages are slower, lower and even, making sure that the listener perceives distinction.

You can see the difference in animation types here.

In the episode “The Kingdom”, we come to understand the importance in understanding our part of being part of God’s Kingdom. We learn from the brave knights depicted in the beginning, the stance that we should all be taking, particularly in this moment in time:

“But the Knights remained at their post. For that is what Knights do…continually protect the Kingdom they love.”

Let us take even a small lesson from Brother Francis this month and be brave, keep watch at our posts and serve the King.

Since this past week we celebrated the feast day of one of my FAVORITE blog saints, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, here is a link to one of the FREEBIES on Brother Francis’ website! A coloring page of the lady herself!

If you really want the truth, let me share with you what a few of my friends (with good taste) said after watching this episode of Brother Francis!

I like how he was a knight. I learned I can fight for God’s kingdom too.”

–Dominic, age 8

[Brother Francis] is funny! –Isaac, age 7

“I like learning about Jesus.” –Amelia, Age 6

For more information, check out Herald Entertainment, Inc. From their website:

Herald Entertainment, Inc.

Herald Entertainment is an award-winning production house dedicated to wholesome entertainment by means of animation, documentaries, music and publishing. Our objective is to provide content-rich, quality media for the enjoyment and edification of audiences of all ages. We are the creators of “Brother Francis” – the hit animated series for Catholic children, as well as the new series, “Adventure Catechism”. With hundreds of auxiliary products including readers, prayer cards, devotional fans, posters, and other video series, we strive to provide spiritually enriching content for Catholic kids!

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