The Hiccup

Have you ever heard it said

that awaiting the next hiccup, (usually in dread)

is a way to end them…by jumping ahead!

“I am ready for you, you nasty thing” you say…

anticipating when it may come your way.

And you wait and you wait, “and it’s here!” you thought,

that it’s coming right now! Or maybe NOW! (or not?)

Well this is the way some souls became good;

by not knowing if we have tomorrow, and so should,

then behave ourselves better and do what is right

not just when in danger, but each day and night.

Ever anticipating that any moment could we land

suddenly before God we stand

“Oh HI LORD! I have just been wasting some time,”

(smoke or drink in our hand)

Speaking mid-sentence about the faults of our brothers

or stealing or gambling, or just being cruel to each other.

Well this is the stuff of saints in the past,

anticipating each moment as if it could be our last

and throwing out those bad habits we pick up.

Don’t be caught unawares, like that next darn hiccup!

by meg πŸ˜‰; based on Matthew 25; parable of the Bridesmaids
What do holiness and hiccups have to do with each other?
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