Dad’s Easter Blessing





Easter this year was the most perfect, glorious day.  Our plan was church followed by a lovely meal and precious moments before our almost-college grad and his sweetheart were headed back to school.  A stubborn eye infection, nasty medicine, and a migraine kept the joy at bay for me.  Nauseated, I sat outside the restaurant on the steps while members of my family took turns checking on me.  Although it wasn’t what I wanted for me or for them (not to mention my poor husband who had to miss his own portion of the meal to drive me back home) it was a joy in and itself to be ministered to by loved ones.

Although I spent the rest of the day in bed, I tried to recount the big picture.  Jesus rose from the dead.  The prophecy was fulfilled; God gave himself to us in a most peculiar and profound way through his only son, and we now have salvation at hand; if only we ask for it.

As I got caught up on my emails and reading this week, I found this beautiful blessing that was sent from my dad.  I couldn’t appreciate anything the way I felt on Sunday, but today as I look over it, every word is extraordinarily beautiful to me.  I am so grateful for my family and the ways they love me, regardless of how I feel or act.  If we think of nothing else on Easter, it is our Heavenly Father’s blessing to love us like that.  I am just blessed to have an earthly father and family who are such an example of it as well.

Happy Easter

I wish you lasting happiness this Easter
That your footsteps shall follow the footsteps of great men.
That your thoughts shall look skyward to peaceful skies.
That your ears will listen for the sounds of glory.
That your nose shall smell the flowers of spring.
That your hands shall have strength to turn the soil
     Yet patience to paint pastels on a waiting canvas;
           Gentleness to turn the pages of a well worn Bible
                  And loving kindness to comfort a newborn child. 

Finally Let no door close upon your open heart.  For on the
Cross a message was written for you. He forgives.  
He is waiting.  
Do you hear?

Happy Easter

(G. R. Brown 2015)

courtesy of Lukas on Pexels

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