The More Empty, the More Room

While we may not think of being "empty" as a good thing, we must realized that these moments of spiritual and physical "poverty" happen in life. Sometimes this emptiness comes to us like the widow in today's gospel (who gave all she had from her poverty) and sometimes someone like Fr Leger, a Cardinal of … Continue reading The More Empty, the More Room

The Gaze

Waiting in the hospital while her husband was in an important surgery, she saw him. He was walking between two armed officers, chains bound his wrists and feet. As he shuffled toward her she noticed his disheveled appearance--tattoos everywhere, long unkempt hair and his prison jumpsuit. Do not avert your eyes....she reminded herself. Last week's … Continue reading The Gaze

Peace and Division

Back to school week for most of us means back to business, including meeting to Encounter Christ in the upcoming Sunday gospel together as a group.  Usually one of our well-attended gatherings, we were happy there were a few more than normal in attendance for digesting the challenging nature of this gospel passage.  Christ explains … Continue reading Peace and Division

Bedtime Stories

When my children were little, we would have what was called a "Book Picnic".  Sometimes we would read together in an elaborate "fort" made from kitchen chairs, couch cushions and blankets.  Sometimes we would pile all the blankets and pillows on the floor and lay on our tummies together reading our favorite books. My personal … Continue reading Bedtime Stories

“Bad Moms” and Fire-Fighting Storks

As we reflected on this Sunday's gospel about the woman caught in the act of adultery,  the current headlines involving rich and famous parents trying to buy their kids' way into reputable colleges lingered in my mind.   Like the media frenzy in this "bad moms" of college students scenario, I could similarly envision the ruckus … Continue reading “Bad Moms” and Fire-Fighting Storks

Put Out Into The Deep Water

This weekend's gospel teaches us about the abundant blessings that await us in the "deep water", a timely indication of the need for deep prayer, especially just having finished our silent retreat which was themed around hope. Traditionally, we use the first Encounter With Christ meeting after our retreat to talk about the beautiful things … Continue reading Put Out Into The Deep Water

Encountering Resolutions: The Best of 2018

Celebrating the New Year has always meant a stream of old movies or opening a new book, and of course, getting organized.  I guess the best thing about New Year's is the sense of personal renewal we all feel, making resolutions to better people; physically, financially, and personally.  I also feel the blessing of renewal … Continue reading Encountering Resolutions: The Best of 2018

Florence, Falls and Feeding the Hungry

  September is the month of recounting some big disasters.  The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and hurricanes past have been on my heart lately, and seem to evoke the same sense of looming that we have been experiencing in news reports of the Catholic Church.  I have ready many related articles and posts … Continue reading Florence, Falls and Feeding the Hungry

Be Opened

Riding through the desert nearing Palm Springs, we noticed the field of often photographed wind turbines.  I was transfixed by their soothing flow; all coming from wind and solar energy, but spinning at different speeds and even different directions. These turbines stand together in a crowd but starkly individual, drawing their power from the same source.  … Continue reading Be Opened

Jesus Revealed in Breaking of Bread and A “Prom-posal”

Before we met this morning, one member of our group had gone to mass and heard about the importance of focusing our words and thoughts toward the things of heaven. To speak goodness, see goodness and do good things in our everyday conversations and interactions. Sometimes our world wants us to be selective and choose … Continue reading Jesus Revealed in Breaking of Bread and A “Prom-posal”

You Are So Much Stronger Than You Know

Always after a spiritual exercise weekend, our numbers for Encounter with Christ double.  Why? Everyone is seeking the peace and depth of love they felt over the weekend.  Much of it is sacramental, but the rest of it is the companionship in eating of the BREAD OF LIFE (John 6:22), the eternal and living word … Continue reading You Are So Much Stronger Than You Know


Looking up the word "Epiphany" in the thesaurus, I found similar words such as  "inspiration", "insight", "realization" and "vision".  Secondary words seem even more fitting in trying to describe the amazing story of the Magi traveling a great distance to pay homage to a tiny baby who represented a new age; a dawn of salvation: … Continue reading Epiphany

Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

I am sitting and watching a cartoon of some pilgrims and Native Americans sharing a meal together in the woods on a sunny but cool day centuries ago, the first Thanksgiving Day.  I am watching the cartoon, and smelling a real turkey, and then I am pulled away from watching the show ("But wait! It's … Continue reading Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

A Cure For Discouragement

Discouragement is a universal topic.  It relates to every human being; every culture, race and gender.  In our recent monthly retreat we watched Fr John Bartunek's Retreat for Easter, "A Cure for Discouragement".  Easter, usually being a season of joy and hope, seemed like a strange time to present the topic of discouragement, but in … Continue reading A Cure For Discouragement

“Your Brother Will Rise”

Today's Encounter with Christ was well-attended and although we again had a short meeting (schools were being released early for incoming storms) the upcoming Sunday's gospel was made priority and we spent extra time on this beautiful reading. This coming fifth Sunday of Lent, we will read John 11:1-45, The Raising of Lazarus. (We used … Continue reading “Your Brother Will Rise”