Several very sick children, aging and ailing parents, friends with cancer…what do these things have in common? Heartache? Suffering? Certainly; but what they meant to us today as we gathered to Encounter Christ together, were an invitation to go to battle in the spiritual realm; to pray and invite God into the place where are hearts were aching; because He isn’t a bully; He is more like a distinguished Gentleman, and He prefers to be invited, so we asked Him to come.

“The Storm”

The many requests of those in need of prayers left us all in agreement–it was time to pull out something big–a prayer that doesn’t mess around; for nine hours straight, at the same time every hour (we set our timers on our phones) we would devote our day to praying The Novena to the Infant of Prague (Infant Jesus), otherwise known as “THE STORM”.  (Copy and link at bottom of page).

Noting the urgency of these situations, we got right down to business and began our meeting with the first round of the novena for hour number one; and ended our time together on schedule with the prayer for the second hour.  Flanked by these prayers, our short first hour yielded quick results.  Although we normally don’t use phones during our prayer group (except for looking up gospel readings or time-keeping) we all noticed incoming text messages were peppering our different phones from THREE SPECIFICALLY NAMED families that we mentioned during our recitation of the prayer,  messages of good news, improvements, and miracles.

Hour One: Miracle Number One

A mother (one of us) whose daughter had been ill–first with influenza A, followed by a sinus infection, influenza B, and now possibly pneumonia–had gone to the hospital for chest x-rays during our meeting, certain that more missed school and misery lay ahead for her daughter.  But by the time we hit the second hour of our prayer, her daughter had a clear x-ray and permission from her doctor to return to school tomorrow.

Hour One: Miracle Number Two and Three 

The second person we included in our novena intentions was another daughter of one of our group.  She had been up all night with a very high fever–103 plus–and throwing up violently.  This member of our group works as a pediatric nurse in many emergency situations and doesn’t get ruffled by much.  But the initial text we received this morning, related that she couldn’t come to our meeting  because her oldest was so sick it was concerning and she needed prayers.  Scrambling to find a sitter so the other children didn’t have to be exposed to further infection at the doctor (a specific prayer we added to the start of our meeting) this member of our prayer group texted by the end of the first prayer that she had found a sitter; by the second prayer; her daughter was up, walking around and had much improved. As she said it, her daughter had “got some life back in her”. She was unaware of our praying the novena for healing for her daughter at that time.

Hour One: The Third Miracle

Ten minutes after the first prayer, one of our group received a text.  Her friend, (who lives across the united states) had been dealing with health care coverage issues which had been suddenly withdrawn for her husband; he is being treated for cancer with oral chemotherapy that cost upwards of $4000 a month.  They were informed three days ago they no longer would be given medication he needed without coverage or payment, as he had previously qualified for assistance.  Today was the end of his medication supply; it was running out, and they didn’t have an extra $4000 for the next month’s supply.  Before the second hour’s prayer, she texted (without prompting or knowledge of our meeting or our prayers) that they had received notification that they would suddenly be receiving assistance and medical coverage for the majority of the costs.


There really isn’t a good word to use for what we were experiencing today as we watch the almighty power and goodness of God before us.  “Goosebumps” escaped our lips a few times in that mystical hour together.  We gave all glory to God again and again today. Connecting every hour into the power of the Holy Spirit, keeping in touch with God and each other (united in prayer) throughout the day was a powerful experience for us all.

We also felt so moved by the witness talk that was given at our recent Lent By Candlelight event.  We were so blessed to have it recounted during this moment of miracles by the speaker herself, as she shared her experiences of the goodness of God in her own life, and the unmistakable providence that lead her to be there and share with the women who enjoyed the Lenten Reflection.

Letting God Guide Your Next Move

Not until her early 20’s did she re-encounter her relationship with God.  She had been raised Catholic, but didn’t really come to understand her relationship with her God until she was away at school and a big decision was looming over her already very blessed life.  She had an opportunity to go to Nashville to be with her brother who was attending school there.  She was very happy at her college in the northeast, but felt a spiritual yearning to go to south.  She relied on the heavy pull she felt God laid on her heart to go, and there met her husband-to-be, and glimpsed the family they would become together.  As they moved home to Chicago, she spent the next 22 years fighting the feeling that she should be back in Nashville.  The circumstances around her return to the south, where she finally felt she was home to stay, were astonishing.  The great trust and obedience she had throughout this time in her life lead to the peace and joy she and her family would finally find among her spiritual family and community where she had been called all along.


Not naturally one to brag, or over-share, our amazing speaker told us the way she prepared for her practical witness talk this past Sunday’s evening of Lenten reflection.  First thing in the morning, she went directly for confession to a church that had the sacrament of reconciliation before mass.  After receiving the healing from this beautiful act of faith, she attended the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Then she spent the day fasting, as an offering to God, so that her mind and heart would be clear to be a faithful witness.  That evening, she powerfully gave an account of God’s loving presence in her life;  especially since she started asking for His guidance and help, since He waits patiently and lovingly to be invited into our lives.


SPIRITUAL: To finish the Nine Hour Novena for the three intentions we specified today, and to remember to give thanks and recognize this special devotion for its powerful healing effect.

APOSTOLIC: To go out of our comfort zone, as our speaker did this past week, to give witness to the beautiful love that God pours out on us when we ask for His help, and to aid this by fasting from something small each day.  Examples given were as small as drinking water instead of milk at dinner, not using salt, not having a second helping, not watching media for the evening, etc.

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask, and it shall be given to you. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened to you.”

Mark 11:22-25 – Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. I assure you that whoever tells this hill to get up and throw itself in the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. For this reason I tell you: When you pray and ask for something, believe that you have received it, and you will be given whatever you ask for. And when you stand and pray, forgive anything you may have against anyone, so that your Father in Heaven will forgive the wrongs you have done.”


Powerful Nine Hour Novena to the Divine Child Jesus, Infant of Prague

Jesus, You said,
“Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.”

Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I knock, I seek. I ask that my prayer be granted.

(State your specific request or intention here)

Jesus, You said,
“All that you ask of the Father in My name, He will grant you.”

Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Your Father in Your Name that my prayer be granted.

(State your specific request or intention here)

Jesus, You said,
“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass.” 

Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.

(State your specific request or intention here)


I prostrate myself before Your Holy Image, O most gracious Infant Jesus, to offer You my most fervent thanks for the blessings Thou has bestowed upon me.

I shall incessantly praise Your ineffable mercy and confess that You alone are my God, my Helper and my Protector.

Henceforth, my entire confidence shall be placed in You!

Everywhere, I shall proclaim aloud Your mercy and generosity, so that Your great Love and the great deeds which You perform through this Miraculous Image may be acknowledged by all.

May devotion to Thy Holy Infancy increase more and more in the hearts of all Christians, and may all who experience Your Divine assistance persevere with me in showing unceasing gratitude to Your Most Holy Infancy, to which we praise and glorify forever. Amen

Thank you, Miraculous Infant Jesus of Prague and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for granting my request. I will always be dedicated to You Dear Jesus and have faith that You will always be by my side. Your faithful servant (state your name).

Notes: This Novena is also referred to as the Storm Novena or the Flying Novena and is prayed for 9 consecutive hours, on the hour. Your prayers are “Storming” or “Flying” to Heaven seeking help with your urgent need. This prayer is great for emergencies and is especially powerful when you need to pray for others. Research conducted regarding this Novena indicated that it has been in existence since at least World War II; and was widely circulated among the wives of GI’s during that War.

5 thoughts on “A POWERFUL NINE HOURS

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  2. Today I am doing a 9hr novena to Infant Jesus to get negative Covid results for my husband and I in next 13 days.I promise to publish my story.Please keep us in your prayers.

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    • You bet Una! Thanks for commenting! Since writing this post I have used the 9 hour novena on many feast days for special intentions! It’s powerful to check in with the Lord every hour on the hour in a day! Don’t forget the 10th part of any novena which is thanking Him in advance for an answer to the prayer!


    • It is one week ago that I prayed this most powerful Novena,last week in the 8th hour of the Novena my prayer request was granted.The government changed the laws regarding returning to Australia.Our tests were also negative.Praise Infant Jesus and Our Blessed Mother.This Novena is truly powerful.I was a witness to my elder sister and husband.

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