Blank Puzzles

Last week in prayer, our group was given the gift of one of M’s prayerful reflections. She carries her cross better than anyone I know, and it’s a big one. Mother Teresa said when we suffer we are so close to Jesus he can kiss us, and we all agree that for M, God is holding her close and the veil between Heaven and earth is thin for her. We are the blessed recipients of accompanying her on this journey and hearing the profound fruits of her prayer.

Last week was the puzzle vision. God our Father had taken her into a place full of puzzles (like a dad takes his daughter into a toy store.) He told her she could pick any puzzle, which seemed to represent her life. She had been trying to figure out the answer to a difficult decision and was anxious to find an answer in prayer. But what came next surprised her. “Here you go! Your puzzle choices! And I completed them all for you!” Her Father said. With a deflating heart, the little girl in her was disappointed. What’s the point of a puzzle if we can’t complete it ourselves? Ah….this was the answer. She felt God our Father revealed this to her. If He solved all of our problems and puzzles in life, what would be the point? No, the point is that He says to us “I will not solve this for you but I will sit down and do the puzzle with you.” Any good father would do the same.

We took this a step further in prayer. In my mind, all of the puzzles were blank, with no color or design. Only as we added a piece and stepped out in faith would the color of that piece appear. We could see only what was behind us (the other pieces) and the outline of the one needed to go to next, but not the details…only one piece at a time.

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