Little Bosco Wisdom

LB sets the standard in our home. He is the one who will gently correct with the most righteous answer to a problem, and coerce a little brother or sister to do his or her job without a fuss, and offer reward (“I will play Mariokart with you if you do what Mommy said”) for a job well-done.

Eucharistic Adoration was a new concept to me when LB was in second grade. I am a cradle Catholic and my own formation was lacking. Only when I joined a beautiful program called “Familia”, did I learn about the church’s teachings and the amazing truths of the Catholic faith.

Once I learned that our parish had Eucharistic Adoration twice a week, and people were going to find peace and healing, I eagerly sought to understand. Things in our home were tough at that time, with my husband working 18 hour days and three little ones in my care.

After I went to Eucharistic Adoration for the first time, I raved about it to my Catholic friends. Some of them were familiar with the amazing devotion to Jesus, but others were uninformed as I had been.

LB heard me talking on the phone, “Yes, so you go and sit and you can read or say your rosary. It is so peaceful!” I explained to the listener on the other end. Once the conversation was concluded and the phone off of my ear, LB spoke up, “Mom?” He said gently. “You know, you can listen too.” It was silent for moment. Being a mom of three, twelve topics were flying through my head, trying to unite this comment to its rightful category. “What do you mean, Buddy?” I asked. “I mean Jesus. You can sit and listen to Jesus. You don’t have to say anything or read anything. Just sit with him. Just listen to him.” I was curious. “LB, do you go to Eucharistic Adoration at school?” He answered “Sometimes we go as a class, but one time a friend and I just went to the chapel during recess.”

After that conversation, my time before the Eucharist was deepened. Most people know I am a fast talker, and a poor listener. It has been a cross to bear and a vice to overcome. As my humility in life increases (an automatic “side-affect” of sitting in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament”) my listening to him increases. He doesn’t say words (usually) that I hear per say, but Jesus’s love can be felt and transmitted in any way he wishes, if there is a willing recipient on the other end. He presides as King of my soul, and his loving glow during Eucharistic Adoration leaves a warmth in my heart, which Blessed Teresa of Calcutta likened to a sunburn. LB’s little wisdom goes a long way.

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