Easy Come, Easy Go

Jeanne had an appointment with a doctor in a not-s0-great part of town, partially the reason she may have been able to sell this dental practice at a “low low deal”. She told him to meet her around noon, and when she arrived just before, she entered the empty office space and then locked the doors, watching for him out of the front window for safety reasons.

Not even fifteen minutes later, “Dr. Smith” (I don’t know his real name, thank goodness) pulled up in front of the office in his high-end Mercedes, and Jeanne began to unlock the doors. Shortly before he completely left his car, two police cars with lights flashing and sirens blaring pulled up in front and back of Dr. Smith, blocking him to the curb, and demanding him to “spread ’em” against the side of the car.

Jeanne stared in awe at the scene before her. She hadn’t expected to feel so surprised by police apprehension in this area of town, but was confused by the sight of the “perpetrator”. “Dr. SMITH!!???” Jeanne mouthed, jaw dropped, through the glass door.

“Jeanne!” He shouted.

“DR SMITH???!!” She exclaimed again, thoughts stunted and hanging in the air.

“Jeanne! Take my keys Jeanne!!” He threw the keys to his Mercedes on the sidewalk and Jeanne ran out to get them just as he was being placed in custody in the back seat of the police car. “Take care of my car!” He shouted. Then the door shut, and as quickly as he came, Dr. Smith was gone.

The phone rang and caller ID said Queen for the Day was calling. “Hello?” I answered. (Laughing on the other end). “Hello? Mom?” I asked.

More snickering. Then the comment that comes before MOST ALL of the conversations between my mother and I. “You won’t believe this one!” She stated. She proceeded to tell me all about the aquisition of a new gold, decked out Mercedes as she whizzed along the busy state route back to her quiet neighborhood.

Two days later I picked up the phone and dialed the familiar numbers. “How are you? What’s going on? How is the new car?” I asked. “Oh, Dr. Smith and three ladies came to get the Mercedes today from me. You know, I guess he was out on bail. I really don’t know the whole story. But oh well. You know me, easy come, easy go.” Mercedes today, gone tomorrow. A lesson in detachment from Jeanne the Archangel.

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