Cheap and Sassy

My sweet sister recently took little Cirque to a little girl’s day spa for her birthday. It was a wonderful girl’s day full of glitter, hair-do’s (of course Cirque picked the style called “Diva”) and “Ode de Cupcake” as Auntie Mee called it. It was a cupcake-scented glitter hair spray that wafted over the crowds at 4:30 mass that Saturday evening, and drew many an adoring nose. The only bad thing that came out of that splendid day of girly-fun was Cirque’s idea for her “friend” party for her birthday. “They have a sleepover party for only $440!” She squeaked. Her dad looked at me with the ole’ “Are you kidding me?” glare, while my thoughts ran the same course of Auntie Mee’s blog run, which stated “Why didn’t I think of that first?”

So as I gather together the party favors, plates, and candy for the girls’ sleepover tonight, I also gather the Ibuprofen, ear plugs, and the boys’ things to go over to Grandad’s with Daddy-O for the night.

My version of the little girl’s spa party, which I have entitled “Cheap and Sassy” includes finds from a raid on the local craft store’s dollar section and a few other goodies:

*Chinese boxes decorated with Valentine themes: less than $1 each

*Mini pedicure kits in different colors: $1 each
*Sleeping blinders (I lack spa terminology) with cute themes like “relax” (maybe the girls will read and obey?) $1 each
*Valentine candy that reads “Glam” on the boxes $1 total
*Lip gloss rings less than $1 at Wallie-world
*Cheap nail polish in glittery-girl colors; less than $1 each
*Mini Anti-bacterial gel in fun scents: $1 at Bath and Body
*Mini purse craft $1

Along with these cute little favor boxes, I have a box of bobby-pins, hair spray and comb awaiting hair directives, the movie “Night at the Museum II: Battle for the Smithsonian”, pizza, popcorn and cup cakes.

Cirque saw large pink marshmallows at the grocery, so we purchased two bags for relays, tosses, and the hand-tied toss (think a long string, a partner about 4 feet away and swinging the rope with the marshmallows on the end into your partners mouth, using no hands).

Wish me luck! Oh, did I mention? I also included an early pick-up time.

Cheap and Sassy party ideas

Supplies for Cirque's 8th birthday party

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