First Family Communion

We got the dress on clearance at a very “fru fru” store. We practiced the hair style, shopped for shoes–10 stores and perhaps 27 pairs tried on–and bought tights. We discussed jewelry, and it was decided that pearls were the most appropriate and flattering. Even little complimentary earrings were purchased. But meeting Jesus for the first time in His Most Blessed Sacrament–his body and blood (see John 6:22 and on), was the real star of the show. For dearest Cirque, being in the spot light comes naturally, but even the paparazzi of parents after the First Communion Ceremony got to her after 10 minutes of group pictures. You can see her screaming at the cameras to stop in about the fifth picture on my memory card, and a very loud countdown to the last picture rang through the church with the 40 restless and hungry little voices calling “5, 4, 3, 2….”. Then it was home to the party.

Never have we had so many people in our home and we had only invited family and a few neighbors/friends–but think “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” in terms of our family, except I didn’t eat any spankopita or drink shots of liquorice flavored whiskey because I was taking care of food and family and it was so wonderful.  I was on a grace-filled high from the sacrament and its many blessings.All family joined us, except for The Fabulous Jude, who reigned over NCY as usual, setting up window displays and utilizing her amazing gifts for promotional design. Minus one loving auntie was a bummer, but didn’t take away from the real moment.

The REAL moment was the procession of all five members of our immediately little family walking up to receive Holy Communion together the next day, for Sunday’s liturgy. I was euphoric, thinking “Now we are one.” We are one….we have the eucharist to unite us. I tried to stifle my head from its usual scanning of appropriate movie lines for the moment. “Unite us! Unite the clans!” (Braveheart). “Unite us Lord!! Unite our family around you,” I had prayed so many times. And here we were. The real moment….one in the Eucharist.

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