God of the Living

The cover of our parish bulletin this week (printed text from Philip J. Sandstrom, STD) read “He is God, not of the dead, but of the living!’ As brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus, the first-born from the dead, we rest assured that death’s sting is a springboard to life with him. We who are left behind are unable to avoid pain, sadness and loss. Those who go before us are marked with the cross–the sign of our faith. There is no reason not to weep, but it is our sorrow and it is coupled with our hope in the resurrection path opened for us by our Messiah, Jesus himself. Alleluia! Praise God!”

Is this not good news? Those of us who are remembering our loved ones past this special month of souls, can be enlightened by these words of comfort. Surely tears are cleansing and comforting to all who shed them. They are natural and a gift. We are meant to release them. However, they should be coupled with the hope of the resurrection. As if God himself did not understand the great loss of His only son, just to proclaim to the world that hope exists beyond death, He himself died first, and rose first, for souls of sinners. We are all called to the hope of Christmas. To be born again with the newborn King, who awaits you. Shed your tears and your sorrow, and your sin along with it. Turn and believe that if you try hard, try again, stand back up, put your dukes up and fight a little harder every day, God will surely have your back. He made you. I think you can trust Him.

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