Divine Iced Tea

About two years ago, at my son’s confirmation, we filed into the pews of the church and we waited for the mass to begin.  My husband and I were getting situated and whispering where we could see our sons (one confirmation candidate, one sponsor), when my daughter poked me on the shoulder. “Mom, you have to meet this girl!” I couldn’t imagine what all had transpired in the four minutes we had been sitting in the pews, but my little friendly girl had already had a substantial conversation with the young lady on the other side of her.  I smiled back my daughter and patted her knee, and turned back to my husband.



“MOM! You HAVE to TALK TO THIS GIRL!” she repeated in a whisper that was anything but a whisper.  I leaned over and smiled at the young lady, who had obviously heard my daughter.

I noticed right away she had what I call “Grace Face”. It doesn’t sound as nice as it is, but basically, I have noticed when I meet people seem to be so close to God, they radiate an unmistakable glow of grace that shines through them in their eyes and smile; a gentle love and great sense of peace. I have seen “Grace Face”many times in consecrated people, especially, and often in mothers who have many children, as we know how they must be relying on God’s strength perhaps.

“Hello,” I started. “Are you waiting on family? I hope we are not crowding you.”

“No! Not at all! I am here by myself.” She said.

I asked if she had a sibling or friend being confirmed and she went on to tell me that she did not.  She just came to the confirmation mass because she loved to see the Holy Spirit at work.  At this comment, my heart melted in response, and my own  sweet girl leaned closer to my face and smiled knowingly that this girl was very special.

We continued to chat quietly and in the very short time that we chatted, God connected so many dots of commonalities in our spiritual lives, as He always does when the Holy Spirit is present.  Our parish, her high school, her college (Franciscan University back in Ohio, where we knew so many friends) and eventually, Medjugorje.  We told her that Jeanne the Archangel was heading there, yet again, and would she like anything to be brought back for her? “YES! A rosary please!” She exclaimed.  We talked more and exchanged contacts in our phones and then quieted down to pray before the mass.

A few weeks later, I took the rosary to the church and left it in a gift bag with her name on it and texted her that it was waiting for her in the office.  She texted back that she would have her parents pick it up for her as she had left for Arizona to do some work with a friend.  Arizona? Great! I had a few good friends that had recently moved to Phoenix, and my dear friend, “Sonse the Butterfly” (not her real name obviously)  I especially felt that the Holy Spirit wanted her to meet.  I wasn’t sure why, but I knew they were supposed to connect. So I texted Sonse and told her to get a hold of “Grace” and see if they could connect.  I kept in touch with Grace over the months, and eventually, last summer, they did have a short phone conversation, but it didn’t go past that. Strange, I thought. I really thought they were supposed to get together for some divine reason.

Last Thursday, I got a little “nectar” (sweetest voicemail ever) from the butterfly saying something like this. “Hi, My Love!”(She always starts this sweet way). “So I just had a God moment and I know you love these stories, so I wanted to share! I went to get an iced tea in my favorite little coffee shop this morning. It’s Christian-based, so there are scriptures all over, and it’s just such a great place…and you know me, I am always talking to everyone and sharing. Well there is this one girl, who is just so wonderful. We talk every time, and she is really special. She is from your area of Tennessee, and even your parish! Can you believe that? And her name is Grace, and she…” (this nectar went on to name all of the God dots that were previously stated.) “So anyway, my love, I just wanted to share that I felt like God was reaching over here connecting us yet again! Just a touch of Tennessee, and you, and isn’t that cool? Love you baby! We are wrapped up in Mama Mary together! (typical sweet sign off) Talk soon!”


I waited.


WHAT!!?? I thought FOR SURE she was going to complete the message with “It was girl Grace! We ended up meeting anyway!” but I realized that Sonse had NO IDEA that Grace was THE GRACE and that Grace didn’t know that was the Butterfly!! Seriously? I was beside myself, cracking up, tears filling up my eyes at the irony. What was so funny, is that of all the places in Arizona for these two to meet, it was a Christian coffee house.  Partly because Sonse lives in a more out-of-the-way part of the city (one of my favorite places in the world) and I had NO idea where Grace was going to be in that city, but it originally sounded not at all close to where the butterfly lives.  Also, Sonse doesn’t even drink coffee!!! She could get her ice tea from anywhere!

I followed up the conversation with voice mails, texts and affirmations of the Holy Spirit to BOTH Sonse and Grace saying “You met! God wanted you to meet! That’s awesome!”

I think it’s amazing how, once again, God really doesn’t NEED people to work things out for His plans, but man oh man, it sure is fun to be in the scene when it happens.

Question for meditation: How often have I been open to God using me to “connect the dots” for others, or use me for a Divine Appointment? Ask the Holy Spirit throughout the day to show you where you can help make connections for others.


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