Jeanne the Archangle Earns Her Wings

New to the neighborhood, a zealous Jeanne skimmed the church bulletin looking for opportunities to become involved. Alas! An opportunity that sounded perfect for her vibrant spirit and excellent communication skills. The parish was in need of small group leaders. These leaders would help coordinate services from different parish groups. The participants in the groups were aptly named “Angels”, and their bold leaders? Why, Archangels, of course!

Attempting her first gathering of angels, Jeanne set about attending a community game of Bridge, where she could spin conversation and get to know these trusted servants. She spoke briefly with the hostess on the phone, a friendly woman who arranged for Jeanne to ride with a nearby friend to the game. It was explained to Jeanne that she would be picked up around 7pm.

Just before 7pm on the decided evening, a dark-colored sedan pulled up in the driveway as planned. Jeanne jumped into the vehicle, determined to gain the respect and admiration of her newly acquainted “angels”. Being a people-pleaser, Jeanne allowed for no uncomfortable silences in conversation en route to the destination. She filled the ears of her fellow passengers with entertaining stories from her prized collection of adventures, in the style of story-telling that was signature of Jeanne.  It occurred to her that her new assignment could be somewhat of a challenge, being this was such a quiet and seemingly apprehensive group of ladies. The riders of the car sat lip-locked as Jeanne rolled one story out after another, in her most charm-filled fashion.

As the car reached its destination, the group was met by the lady of the house. They quietly introduced Jeanne.  “Yes! I am Jeanne…you know, the Archangel!” Jeanne offered, mentally tossing her imagined halo into the air and waiting for the effects of its quiet authority. The hostess’ jaw hung ajar in astonishment. She turned toward the driver of the car and asked “Where is Diane?” All in the room looked to one another. “Diane?” one asked the other. “Yes! Diane!” As the hostess investigated the situation by each account, they finally configured that the women had, quite by accident (and to everyone’s surprise) mistakenly acquired an Archangel. With that, Jeanne was returned to her rightful place (across the street from the fore mentioned Diane, she was later to learn)  with a silent car ride that seemed four times longer than the same route had before. If our angels grow in virtue, as we humans should, Jeanne would have earned her wings with the virtue of humility; not a popular virtue in modern day America, but nonetheless a quick and fast path to holiness. Many saints proclaimed this virtue to be second only to the virtue of charity (a virtue at which Jeanne sets the standard!) After all, who can fly without their wings?

Now one of our favorite family stories, Jeanne the Archangel lives on to tell of still more unbelievable (but oh so carefully woven) tales of adventure. Her name precedes her most everywhere she goes. Next up: Jeanne: Queen for a day (after day, after day….)

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