Out of Sight, Out of Mind

My cupboards reflect my moods. When things are tougher in our home, like recently with busy schedules and several bouts of illness, my pantry is a banquet-to-be of “non-food”. I don’t mean paper products, I mean highly processed stuff full of carbs, fat, salt, sugar and such. The greatest solution to this for our family, is heading to the grocery (one with a big produce section) and letting each child pick their own fruit and their own vegetable. They are so filled with delight at prospects, that we come home with some foods that entice, are quick and easy, and are nutritious. Here is the kicker, if I put those apples, “Cuties” and mangos away in the fruit drawer, they rot and mold and are forgotten. If they are placed in the middle of the table in a pretty bowl, the troupes help themselves and eat well too.

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