Mom’s Movie Night

When I get the chance to pop in a favorite flick of mine, there is a certain list I return to again and again. They are some of your typical “chick flicks”, but also on occasion something a little different catches my eye.  I cannot determine why, but certain moods evoke certain movies, and since I have a week of healthier children (while the recent strain of flu takes a rest), and a busy husband, I picked a few goodies at the local video rental.

Mom’s movie time this week will include an encore presentation of “Knotting Hill”, for the love of its wacky characters who form a sort of family, despite their oddities, and for the wonderful Great Brittain scenery and accents. Aside from a few odd moments in the bedroom of Julia and Hugh (pretty is as pretty does!) this is an emotional picker upper, and perhaps the development of a surprise affection (in the end) for the roommate character, who tested my gag reflex throughout most of the movie.

Second up, is “Hope Floats”, which gave me a pronounced batch of used tissues and a distorted sad feeling after its first run, andngrew on me through the character of “Mama”, and the main character’s humbled new beginnings. Hope as it is, presents itself as a combination of odd characters with endearing and enduring qualities (are we seeing a theme here?)

Thirdly we have “The Nativity Story”, in preparation for Advent, which, unlike most family Christmas favorites, this realistic version of the story of Jesus displays sweet personal qualities of Joseph and Mary sharing a giggle by the sea, over what it will be like to raise the Son of God. A family journey that even my younger children appreciate as part of the Christmas tradition now, as we see perhaps a glimpse of what it might have been to be Mary and Joseph in such a situation as to bring peace into the world through their own trials and sacrifices.

Taking a sideways route from my normal Jane Austin favorites, by which I know every line and crinkle, I could be stirred to take a second glance at “The Boy in Striped Pajamas”, an interesting view into the Nazi regime from an officer’s home front, his little boy. When the child discovers a friend inside the “farm” that abuts the family land, he is quick to discover the limits to playtime with his new pal, who can’t run outside the fence, or hang around to chit chat.  The natural compassion of the Nazi officer’s son is overwhelming as he seems to understand at least enough to bring a snack along for playtime, and find away into the “farm” (concentration camp) to help his friend find his lost father.

It might be that, given a moment to myself, I choose to let the softer side of me free from its normal “keeping-it-together” pose, and permit into my heart the softer, more imperfect parts of life which ignite my compassion for the world.  What do your movie choices reveal about your mood?

Coming soon…what I watch when I want to laugh…some movies that might surprise you!

One thought on “Mom’s Movie Night

  1. Notting Hill is one of my all time faves too Meg! I also love “Return to Me” ….Jon will watch the same movies over and over (and over and over if I let him) but I have only certain ones I’ll rewatch and those are on my short list…Titanic too–always gets me….and for laughs always Tommy Boy!


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