A Feast Fit for Christ the King

A prayer meeting the other day began with a brief bit of formation on Christ the King. This beautiful feast day which takes place the last Sunday of Ordinary Time before Advent in the Catholic church, was instituted in 1925 by Pope Pius XI.  Ironically, 80+years ago he felt that the world was in a decline toward secularism (can you imagine?) and wanted people to remember the sacred nature of Christ as King of the Cosmos (my source referenced her information from googling “Christ the King”, as well as scriptures Mark 10:42-45, and John 18:33b, 36, 37). The concept of Christ as “Ruler” is on a daily decline, as people now affirm their own opinions as “maker of Heaven and Earth” seemingly. The concept that Christ as King could be TRUE FREEDOM for all from sin and destruction, has become virtually unknown and even an idea conceived by the new mind as “dangerous” or “uninformed”. We begin our wait for the King of the Cosmos, the one for whom the stars aligned at his birth (amazingly depicted in one of my “mom’s movie” choices; “Nativity Story” this week).  How can anyone doubt this King? Even the long-reigning King Herod, was aware enough of the implications of the prophesy to fear losing his kingdom to the Divine Babe. The three kings from the East knew enough to bow on their knees to this King of the Cosmos and honor him with the most cherished of earthly gifts, and a sacrificial road-trip through the desert on camels, which couldn’t have been comfortable. One scene of the Nativity Story depicts one of the wise kings struggling with leaving the comforts of home and all of his favorite things behind, all in the name of travels afar that may or may not reveal a spectacular finale.

Ironically, opening up my email today (see my links) was yet another declaration of scientific evidence from a vatican researcher on the shroud of Turin as the true burial cloth of Christ, as certain handwriting particular to that time can be found around the cloth; yet further declaration that this King, who was born, lived and died humbly, is giving us thick-headed folk another sign (stubborn generation that we are). How clear can it get? Yet the cosmos are filled these days with static and noise. So how do we pay homage to this King as we sit at our tables this Thursday, stuffing our royal selves with turkey and delights? Give thanks. Be truly grateful that a King who lived and died for you, still exists…in the cosmos and if you let him, in your heart.

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