Easter Chore Ideas

Easter give us the most wonderful tools as mothers….graces, graces, graces, and little plastic eggs. Huh? Yes, you heard me. The season of Easter goes on for weeks, use those leftover plastic eggs again and again. Write down the chores that need done for the day on small slips of paper, and then stuff them in the eggs. If you know that one of your kids can’t clean the toilet because they are too young, then color code the eggs, as done Jeanne the Archangel on Easter. “Cirque, you are pink. Find all the pink eggs. JD, you are green, you find all the green eggs.” Etc. Put the chore slips in the eggs, and hide them. When the kids find them and complete the chores, they can turn the egg in for a small piece of candy or “stars” for their star charts, or a quarter, or whatever you feel is adequate!

For youth ministry, you could also fill the eggs with slips of paper of good deeds to be done, prayers to be said (especially the Divine Mercy Chaplet for those family members who are deceased) or other kids in the youth group to be prayed for. In this case, you would tell each youth to find two eggs, and return them for candy.

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