All in the Family

I am reading “Where There is Love There is God” which is a collection of quotes by Mother Theresa. We know the devil works his best through those relationships that are closest and dearest to us because our value is so wrapped up in them. Throughout the day I am always hearing a little voice in my head that judges me by the quality of the relationship I have with my husband and children. My self-worth is wrapped up in those relationships and I forget that the family is the means by which the faith is passed on (Blessed John Paul II). So it is the center upon which our world is preyed upon (if only it were so often PRAYED upon) and Blessed Theresa of Calcutta recognizes this and reminds us:

“For each one of us, for you and for me, it is necessary first of all to love those in our own family. Maybe we have the suffering and the lonely and the crippled and the mental in our own family; and we have no time–no time even to smile at them. And love begins at home. If you really want to be God’s love in the world of today, begin to be God’s love in your own home first. And then you will become the sunshine of God’s love to everyone you meet.”

Have you smiled at your family today?

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