Checking out at the grocery the other day, Cirque had a few items in the basket that she had picked up in the hair “pretties” section of the store, as I searched for the shampoo that matched my coupon in the same row. A few minutes later, I noticed something sticking out while waiting in line at check out. It was mascara, with a sale tag on it. I asked Cirque what it was doing in the basket. surprised it had been discovered, and a bit pink in the cheeks, she announced that it was “for play” and she was purchasing it with her own money, after all, which meant she could get it. We argued and I explained that mascara is not for play and God knew just how perfectly to design young women so that they do not need make up or any fixing up. We argued longer and once again I found the mascara tucked beneath a few items. With a stern tone in my voice, I once again rejected the item, put it out of reach, and proclaimed my stance. I debated how to handle the situation in the car on the way home, until my thoughts were sucked beneath the undertow of the evening with the rest of the chaos.

On Tuesday of that week, Cirque and JD came home and announced that their religion teacher at school had been teaching about purgatory earlier in the day. This teacher, is an amazing faithful lady who really knows Catholic church teaching and doesn’t hold back on expectations for her students. She shows love and speaks the truth, as Jesus had done, out of concern and zeal for souls to know and love God as she does. The kids intuitively understand this and therefore try vehemently to live her lessons and bring them home with excitement. The talk on purgatory had stirred reflection in Cirque. “Mom?” She said. “I am very sorry about the grocery store the other day. I understand now why trying to trick you with the mascara was wrong. Boy, that sure was dumb.” I looked at her puzzled “Well, it was a mistake but we all make mistakes, Honey.” I answered. “Yes but that mascara mistake is gonna cost me time in purgatory!”

We went on to discuss the fact that we are all going to make mistakes and we need to ask God to come into our lives and our hearts, and make the Holy Spirit a faithful guest of our souls. That way he can help us do well. We can’t do it without Him, and He isn’t rude. He won’t come unless He is invited.

That got me thinking too…Cirque is a good kid, and that “mas-scary” isn’t as bad as half of the mistakes I have made. I doubt I will need that masara in Purgatory.

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