Death before Life?

Today I attended a funeral service for a baby. A baby that was awaited by three big sisters and two loving parents who went through a great deal of trauma to bring her into the world, only to have her pronounced dead before she was pronounced “born”. The parents were given a death certificate but were denied a birth certificate. Apparently, in our country, you can’t be acknowledged as a person until you take your first breath, even if you are vital and kicking until one minute later when you came out of the womb. But you can be given a death certificate. Even if you weren’t born? Is anyone paying attention out there?

If we don’t awaken to what is being robbed from us now, it will be too late soon. The latest HHS (Health and Human Services) mandate is trying to take away our religious freedom, and make employers pay for services that are contradictory to their beliefs. Doctors will be forced to perform various types of murder–(defined here as life ended at the will of man not God; i.e. abortions, euthanasia) against their will. Churches, schools, and taxpayers, regardless of their rights and beliefs, will be made to pay for everyone’s birth control (even as the “day after pill”, which is another form of abortion, defined here as unnatural death after conception but before birth), and any other medical procedure that is deigned medically useful by….well I am not sure who decides this. That is the problem. My 77 year old friend is scared to death that the government will decide that her procedure will be decided as unnecessary because she is too old to waste the money on. Sounds outlandish? So does a death before a birth. She told me last week “Don’t let anyone do a mercy killing on me. I don’t want anything to stand between God’s sanctification for me.” Brave but true. God knows when it is our time to go and when our soul is most prepared to meet Him; we don’t.

We have a chance to stop this madness and it is going to come and go quickly in the fall with the next set of elections. I am not interested in politics or people who are in politics, but recently I have come to understand that it is my duty to be educated on these topics. It is my moral responsibility to understand and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. God will look me in the eyes one day and ask me “What did you do for the least of these?” Will I be able to answer Him with the answer He wants to hear?

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